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MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus CellScale RF Digital Crane Scale

MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus CellScale RF Digital Crane Scale
Network Solutions for Industrial Weighing and Process Control
Communicates with: MSI-9000, MSI-9020, MSI-9750A, MSI-9850 and Scoreboards
Product Description The MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus RF Digital Crane
Scale is designed to provide a rugged weight indicator and wireless data system for overhead weighing applications. The MSI-9300 merges CellScale technology with MSI's superior Crane Scale architecture providing both local and remote display capabilities. Combined with CellScale accessory products, the MSI-9300 offers advanced data-gathering networking suitable for process control, safety monitoring and weight related data collection.
The MSI-9300 circuitry is shock mounted and water proof making a robust overhead weighing system for use indoors and outdoors. The large 1.2 in (30mm) ultra bright LED digits are readable at distances up to 50 ft (15m). Display brightness can be set to automatically adjust to ambient lighting conditions for optimum viewing and battery conservation. Single or multiple crane scales can be controlled and monitored from single or multiple locations. Wireless, real-time, data transmission of weight and product information can be networked and communicated to CellScale family indicators and modems at distances up to 1000 ft (300m) outdoors. Operating range increases if optional long range antennas are used on other networked components. Both fixed and handheld indicators are available as well as modems for wireless connection to computers and scoreboards. The MSI-9300 Porta-Weigh Plus is available in a standard range of capacities up to 50 tons. Larger and special designs are available for any capacity. A host of standard scale features and options are available. For applications involving fixed hooks and/or power assisted rotation, see the MSI-9300HT product specification sheet. See also, product specification sheets for MSI-9000, MSI-9850, MSI-9750A and MSI-9020 for complete capabilities and wireless networked weighing system solutions.
MSI features Industry's most versatile, portable and handheld RF Digital Indicators for CellScale Network Weighing Solutions. Each provides CellScale's rich feature set to any crane scale application and allows users to monitor and control multiple crane scales from remote locations. In addition, the MSI-9850 and MSI-9750A both support multi-scale display on individual networks (up to 8 simultaneously), data logging, bar code scanner interface and inter-network radio messaging. The MSI-9020 Cell Modem provides a wireless CellScale link with peripheral serial devices including scoreboards, printers, programmable logic controllers and personal computers. CellScale Virtual Monitor (CVM) software is available to enable your personal computer to act as a full-featured digital scale indicator with data logging and information publishing features.

Accuracy ±0.1% of applied load ±1d
• Marine grade 356 alloy
• Double O-ring gasketed
• NEMA 4, IP66 Load Train
• Load Cell: 4340 aircraft quality steel
• Top Lifting Eye and/or Shackle: Crosby or equivalent
• Hook: Crosby thrust bearing swivel hook or equivalent
• Safe Overload: 200% of rated capacity
• Ultimate Overload: 500% of rated capacity (except as noted)
• 6 digit, 30mm (1.2 in) high weight and data LED
• 14 backlit LED annunciators
• Automatic brightness adjustment
Units Pounds or kilograms selectable
Operating Range Typically 150m (500 ft) indoors, 300m (1000 ft) outdoors
Calibration Via RF or Input Comm Port. Calibration is accomplished through a PC terminal program.
Calibration is also available using the MSI-9850 and MSI-9750A meters
Radio Link Frequency hopping spread spectrum @ 2.4GHz provides 64 networks of scales and+ peripheral devices. Radio functions in the ISM band, license free in the USA and Europe. 10mW (low power), 63mW (medium power) or 250mW (high power) average output
Approvals NTEP: COC 07-007, 2,500kg - 35,000kg (5,000lb - 70,000lb) capacities
Temperature Operating: -20ºC to 70ºC (-4ºF to 158ºF)
Power 12 volt rechargeable battery (includes 115-230 VAC, 50/60 Hz universal battery charger)
Operating Time 20-30 Hrs depending on brightness settings and average number of segments "On". 40-60 Hrs without RF modem
RFI/EMI Shielding Exceeds NIST HB44 and CE standards Comm Port
Used for calibration purposes and system configuration management
Real Time Clock Date/time in USA or European formats. Clock
data available via RF interfaces (MSI-9850, MSI-9750A and MSI-9020)
Data I/O Scale data available through RF interface

Totalization and Statistics
Push button or automatic. Extensive total and statistics capability is provided when CellScale

Standard Function Switches
POWER: Turns unit On/Off
ZERO: Zeros weight on scale
NET/GROSS: Switches between NET and GROSS weights
TARE: Tares applied load and displays weight in NET mode
TEST: Provides on-demand functional tests of display segments, battery and RF network information, and is also programmable for
USER desired functions

• RF Remote Controller - Includes On/Off, Zero, Tare, Net/Gross, Total, View Sum and programmable function keys
• Substitute shackle for bottom swivel hook
• Oversized top and/or bottom shackle
• Oversized bottom swivel hook
• Low headroom adapter
• Anti-heat shielding for high temperature applications (mill and foundry)
• Direct AC or DC power input
• Audible alarm
• Non-RF equipped version (CellScale RF modem removed)
• NTEP Approved Version – Class IIIL certified. Unit comes preset in the NTEP operating mode
• Ethernet 802.11b
Capacity lb.
Capacity kg.
Ship Wt.
500 x 0.2 lb
250 x 0.5 kg
53 lbs
$ 5,705.00
2,000 x 1 lb
1,000 x 0.5 kg
53 lbs
$ 5,705.00
5,000 x 2 lb
2,500 x 0.5 kg
62 lbs
$ 5,810.00
10,000 x 2 lb
5,000 x 1 kg
62 lbs
$ 6,015.00
20,000 x 5 lb
5,000 x 2 kg
105 lbs
$ 7,135.00
30,000 x 10 lb
15,000 x 5 kg
125 lbs
$ 7,440.00
50,000 x 10 lb
25,000 x 5 kg
235 lbs
$ 9,785.00
70,000 x 20 lb
35,000 x 10 kg
270 lbs
$ 11,725.00
100,000 x 20 lb
50,000 x 10 kg
420 lbs
$ 18,250.00
Model optional RF Indicators/Scoreboard
Ship Wt.
MSI-9850-159625 MSI-9850 CellScale™ RF Digital Indicator
10 lbs
$ 2,440.00
MSI-9750A-138486 MSI-9750A CellScale™ RF Portable Indicator
2.2 lbs
$ 1,830.00
MSI-Scoreboard-139056-502855-0006 Red LED, 4 in (101mm), 6 digit display, CellScale™ equipped
21 lbs
$ 2,950.00
MSI-Scoreboard-139052-502855-0002 Red LED, 6 in (152mm), 6 digit display, CellScale equipped
37 lbs
$ 3,360.00

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