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Onboard scale systems allow optimum, safe use of a truck’s payload capacity both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.
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Precision Loads Straight Chassis Underbody Truck Scales
Box Trucks, Spreaders Trucks, Tank Trucks, Fixed body Refuse Trucks, VAC Trucks
The PL9700 digital on-board weighing system consists of a digital indicator,
load cells, transmitters, and cables designed for on-board, straight, semi,
roll-off, refuse and logging trucks. Benefits of using the PL9700 include:
• Flexibility to read individual axle weights
• A reliable two-wire hookup between the transmitters and the indicator
• An extremely bright weight display, visible even in bright sunlight
• Ability to calibrate the indicator without having to load the truck
• A unique load-hold feature, useful when loading at several different sites
• Measurements in increments of 10, 20, 50, or 100 pounds or kilograms
• Internal software that can be updated to include the latest enhancements
High-Accuracy On-Board Load Cell Systems For Straight Chassis Vehicles

Accurate and reliable payload measurement is an important element of profitability and operating safety bulk hauling. Whether for municipal, county, state or private operations, a Precision Loads on-board scale system allows optimum, safe and legal use of a truck's payload capacity-both for maximizing loads and preventing the liabilities of overloading.

No more Overweight Fines: The expense of operating overloaded is already prohibitive in many regions and is becoming a serious issue nationwide. Enforcement is increasing and penalties are becoming more costly.

Eliminate Legal Liabilities: The potential costs to a hauler from lawsuits resulting from an accident involving an overloaded truck can be severe.

Ensure Operating Safety: Overloaded trucks have significantly impaired braking distances and cornering abilities, and are more likely to experience premature failures of truck components.

Cut Maintenance Costs: Hauling legal payloads reduces maintenance expense on springs, brakes and tires, and increases the operating lifetime of the truck and body.

Increase Driver Efficiency: Our on-board scales give your drivers the assurance of hauling legal. With scales, drivers finish routes more efficiently and faster with full, legal loads.

Measure Load Increments: Use the system to accurately measure incremental on-loading (individual loads picked up on route, or batch mixtures), or material off-loaded during split deliveries or spreading.

PL9710-614-Six Point Kit
Waste or Tank Trucks
Precision Loads kits are simple to install, typically requiring between 8 and 16 man-hours per truck, including wiring.

PRECISIONBEAM Load Cells are manufactured of heat-treated 4340 alloy steel for reliable and accurate weighing, even in the most severe off-road loading and hauling conditions.

Load cells, hardware and connections are plated for long-term protection from corrosive elements.

Internal temperature and modulus compensation ensure consistently accurate weights in all environments.

PRECISIONLINK transmitter models are available to suit all types of straight trucks in 3, 4, or 6 lead configurations. All models use single, in-line 2-wire technology for reliable digital trans- mission of weight data to the cab.

Precision Link units use 16-bit per input processing for high-quality resolution of analog load sensor measurements. Transmitter circuitry is completely en-capsulated inside a heavy gauge stainless steel enclosure.

System electronics are designed for simplicity. Display units may be mounted in the truck cab or environmentally-protected units are available for external mounting. Options include an in-cab printer, remote display, remote controls, and an in-cab computer for data collection, security, maintenance and mapping applications.

The PL9700 Digital Display provides operators with: Total Truck Gross Weight, Net Payload Weight, Steering Axle Weight, Drive Axle Weight.

System Technical specifications are:

Load Cell Sizes: Cell lengths typically used are 13" (33 cm) and 22.6" (57 cm)
Load Cell Strength: 180,000 psi tensile strength. Heat-treated SAE4340 alloy steel material
Rated Dynamic Capacity: 10,000 lbs per cell (13"), 16,500 lbs per cell (22.6")
Communications: Digital 2-wire communications from Precision Link transmitter(s)
Transmitter: Models available for 3, 4 or 6 load sensor system configurations
Main Display: 0.70" high Bright Red LED digits
Message Display: 2 x 24 Dot-matrix LCD
Input Power: 9 to 16 Volts dc, 350 mA consumption typical
PL9700 Display Data: Gross Weight, Net Weight, Axle 1 Weight, Axle 2 Weight
PL9710 Display Data: All 9700 displays, Load/Deliver, Push Button Zero, Print functions
PL9710 Ports: RS-232C (dual ports), RS422 (dual ports), TTL level outputs
Digital Graduations: 10, 20, 50 or 100 lbs/kgs
System Accuracy: Typically +/- one percent of full scale load
Options: Weatherproof Enclosure, In-cab 12 Vdc Printer, Remote Zero/Print Smash buttons
Optional Software: Accumulator function, Lift-to-weigh function


Model Rigid underbody 4 - 14.4" load cell kits (50,000 lbs Max w/ dead load) Notice Price
Rigid-PL9710-414.4-114307 4 Point Indicator Kit with 14.4" Load Cells (50,000 lbs Max w/ dead load)
Kit Includes:
(1) 9710 Cab mount Indicator
(1)Four Lead Transmitter
(4) 14.4" Load Cell
(4) Bearing Plate,
(4) Body Coil Springs
(1)35' Truck cable
(1)15' power cable
Installable System: This item is non-refundable. $5,695.00
Model Rigid underbody 6 - 14.4" load cell kits (75,000 lbs Max w/ dead load) Notice Price

6 Point Indicator Kit with 14.4" Load Cells (75,000 lbs Max w/ dead load)
Kit Includes:
(1) 9710 Cab mount Indicator
(1) Six Lead Transmitter
(6) 14.4" Load Cell
(6) Bearing Plates
(8) Body Coil Springs
(1) Anti Rotation plate
(1) 35' Truck cable
(1)15' power cable

Installable System: This item is non-refundable. $7,500.00
Model Rigid underbody 26" load cell kits (50,000 lb Max w/ dead load) Notice Price

4 Point Indicator Kit with 26" Load Cells (50,000 lbs Max w/ dead load)
Kit Includes:
(1) 9710 Cab mount Indicator
(1) Four Lead Transmitter
(4) 26" Load Cells
(8) Bearing Plates
(6) Body Coil Springs
(1) 35' Truck cable
(1)15' power cable

Installable System: This item is non-refundable. $7,000.00
Optional Printer
The printer is powered through the RS-232 connector and uses a default baud rate of 9600. There are three print tickets available:
Time & date together with individual and total bin collections from a site and truck information is printed. This mode can also be used with the additional keyboard to enter an account number for the site.
MtP400si Direct Thermal Printer, Printek
This compact direct thermal model is built in the USA and meets the challenges of many rugged industrial environments. Perfect for on-board applications such as forklifts, trucks and more.
  • Designed for superior resistance to impact and harsh chemicals
  • IP54 rated for water and dust resistance
  • Rugged, screw down connector for power and data
  • Simple drop-in paper loading
  • Direct thermal printing
  • Wide input voltage range and superior circuit protection
  • On-Board Weighing, Forklift applications
  • Data/Power Cable and one roll of paper supplied with printer
  • Printek printers are made in the USA
Model Description Price
Printer-PL6050D-114316 MtP400SI 4" direct thermal printer includes mounting bracket. RS-232 cable, Power cable, 2 rolls of paper. $1,540.00





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